Established in 1999, guangdong ounuo sanitary ware technology Co., Ltd. is a professional high-tech enterprise based in "the first town of Chinese ceramic" - Guxiang Town, enjoying convenient transportation access. We are a specialized manufacturer of toilets, basins, urinals, bidets, squatting pan WC, water tanks, seat covers and so on. We have two brands - "Saige" and "Carnival". Our focus is on R&D, ensuring that we provide our customers with top quality and innovative products. In addition, we use stringent quality control measures to ensure the reliability of our products.


Customer evaluation

Chutikarn -Tailand

Since we’ve cooperated for 3 years, Chaoan Ounuo sanitary ware technology co., ltd is one of the best factory for us. They provide a good quality of products with reasonable price. Including to the sales, Rhona, she is very nice, and willing to help us in any problems.


I have cooperate well with this company. Their product quality is good. They know their work well right from opening mold to production. I am grateful & happy to work with them for so many years.


We are happy to have a reliable supplier as Carnival in China, the quality is very good and they are always open to new improvements with an honest management that supports the requirements from their customers.


I am a U.S. manufacturer that was looking for a reliable manufacturer that would manufacture my vitreous china products. It took a while to find this manufacturer but certainly no regrets. Very professional and capable staff full understanding of customer needs. Highly capable engineering and design team that can translate concepts into reality. Honest and delivers what they promise.


OUNUO sanitary ware technology co., Ltd is an amazing company with great products, their production time is always on time and customer service is really good with fast respond to all your questions or concerns. Their sales associates are very professional making the ordering process fast and easy. I highly recommend them.

De Ying-Vietnam

I'm glad to cooperate with your company .Mr.chen and the sale are very enthusiastic and happy. The quality of merchandise is consistent with the needs and the hospitality of my people, I hope for a long cooperation between us. May you always grow and stay strong!






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